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Virtual Credit Card And How To Get A Virtual Credit Card

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Virtual Credit Card


In today’s modern era, where rupees are very important. With the help of banking networks, the transaction has started getting more easier in our complicated life. As we know that every small cash transaction has started happening from the bank. Because of which, all the banks are giving many facilities to their customers, of which the facility “Virtual credit card” is also one of them. Now we are going to learn full information about “Virtual credit card” in the following article such as why and how to use a virtual credit card along with the virtual credit card providers. In the last portion, we will also learn how to get a virtual credit card???

What is a Virtual Credit Card?

All of us are well aware of about the credit card, and also the debit cards, But very few are aware of what is virtual credit card is? Friends, virtual credit card means not a real credit card but can work as a credit card. Basically, a number is very important for using a virtual credit card. We will also learn How to get a virtual credit card? later in this article. Basically, this number is generated randomly by the card files, which is originally linked to the consumer’s credit card.

How to create virtual credit card

Using this exclusive facility is not free to use. You have to pay some extra charge for using this virtual card number. However, this additional charge can be set up to some maximum limit. So, that your virtual credit card could not work after the previous fixed bank limit.

How to identify a virtual credit card? Usually, these credit cards do not look too much different from any other credit card for using them in the online market. And the amazing fact is that money cut or paying by using this cards is also appears as like the regular bill look like. Also, using this, the merchant could not learn or know the client’s actual credit card number. So, using this facility is safer than using the original credit cards.

Dear friends, a virtual credit card does not have any plastic existence but all the information related to this virtual credit card such as card number, date of completion, date of ‘Valid From’, CVV number etc. can be seen only online. These exclusive cards allow transactions to a bind-band of boundaries to make numbers of online transactions for shopping, booking tickets, and everything related to the online transactions…

Why Use This Credit Cards?

Using a virtual credit card is safer from using an original credit card for the online transaction because these cards actually work under a system, which is previously linked up to the consumer’s main credit card by the service provider. One can see all the transaction cut and details only online. There is no slip for using this card and you cant claim for the transaction slips to the service provider.

virtual credit card

As this card is known as the virtual credit card, this cards does not have any plastic format like original credit cards and debit cards have. All the information can be seen and used online and no one can learn your original linked credit card details like the number. So, there is no question of losing it or being stolen by other. Whereas there is always a fear of losing the real credit card while using, So, you can be worry-free from by using this virtual card.

Virtual Credit Card Usage

The following are the main usage of the virtual credit card, learn them all.

  1. If you have not any original plastic cards, then you could not use this credit cards everywhere as this need a card which is linked to it.
  2. This credit card is mainly used for the online transaction only. Since customers are allowed to perform online transaction up to a certain limit per each day.
  3. A virtual card can be used only once. The remaining amount is used later, or sometimes the money saved in the virtual credit card is returned to the main account of the consumer.
  4. This service is of virtual card is meant only for the  ‘primary’ cardholder  Whereas a ‘Secondary’ cardholder cannot take advantage of this amazing card!!!

Virtual Credit Card | Limit

Likewise the credit card limit, your virtual credit cards also some limit, as you can perform a transaction of some money. The initial virtual credit card limit is one rupee which can be increased at any time between the valid limit of the primary card in VCC. By this way, on the basis of requirement, the limit has the freedom of setting its transaction limit.

What is CVV Number on Credit Card?

Do you know what is CVV number on the virtual credit card? The CVV number (Virtual credit cards number) on the cards can be changed for any certain reason, but not that it does not change for each and every online transaction.

Then when do this changes? Actually, the CVV number changes at every time when there is a primary card have the ‘hot list‘ for any certain reason and you have to apply for a new credit card. A new credit card comes with a new CVV number.

What is CVV

Definitely, A new credit card always comes with a new and different CVV number.

This service of virtual credit card is provided free of charge by banks and is also can be used internationally.

Virtual Credit Card Providers

Basically, all the banks provide the facility of primary credit cards along with the facility of virtual credit cards. Whatever here below is a list of all the banks, who provides the facility of a virtual credit card.

  • Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • State Bank of India
  • ICICI Bank and 
  • HDFC Bank

There are also some websites which can help in obtaining a virtual credit card. Those helping websites are PayNR, Account Now, Intro Pay, BankFreedom, etc.

How To Get a Virtual Credit Card

How to get a virtual credit card is not a hard working job since almost all the banks have developed a specific application by using which, one can easily get a virtual credit card. Here below is a list some such like applications by using them, you can get a virtual credit card…

get a free virtual credit card

ICICI Bank: Pocket Wallet

If any ICICI banks customer wants to obtain a virtual credit card then this application can help you. Any ICICI Customer can sign up here. On this, only signing up here would receive you a virtual credit card automatically, and you can use this for any online transactions.

Audio Wallet

This application also works as like the Pocket Wallet of ICICI bank and is also helpful in getting a virtual credit card. This works for all type of wallet such as an ideal digital wallet.

It is also possible to put money in this developed wallet with the help of NetBanking. And, you can also use it as a real virtual credit card.

Axis Bank: Time Wallet

Axis Bank has created this application for their customers so that they can get virtual credit easily. This application also works same as the Pocket Wallet of ICICI bank to obtain a virtual credit card. You can also your this shopping card to perform any type of online transaction…

Union Bank: DG Purse Wallet or Degepers Wallet

Likewise the ICICI bank and Axis banks, Union banks also created this application to provide comfort to their customers in getting the virtual credit card. This service is mostly known as DG Purse Wallet by the customers.

Basically, this application is previously linked to the Actual Bank Account. By this, it is also available to get a free virtual credit card, which can be used at home or at an international level.

Oxygen Wallet Prepaid Card

Such wallets are famous for offering exclusive cash back days to their users from time to time. This wallet free Virtual Visa card, which can be used for performing the transaction for an online portal.

Intro Pe Virtual Visa Card

This is an Internation service and is not available in the India. This service is working for a long time in this section internationally. This provides Virtual Visa card for free for the international use.

By this, anyone can choose their card number depending on their mind and money transfer from one to another card.

At the international level, this service is too much popular amongst the users.

Final Words

This is all about virtual credit cards such as what is a virtual credit card, how to get a new virtual credit card, the advantages, and benefits of using virtual credit cards, along with all the service providers, who provide the facility of the virtual credit card.

However, please comment us in the below comment box, if there any information is lacking in this article about the virtual credit card. Or there is any quarry regarding the virtual credit card. So, that we can help you by solving your quarries as soon as possible…

Have a happy and safe shopping

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