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What is Paytm & Paytm Wallet And How to Pay With Paytm Wallet

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Paytm & Paytm Wallet


In the present time, the use of mobile wallets is increasing with a rapid growth rate amongst the peoples. Paytm is also one such mobile wallet, which is enjoyed by numbers of peoples for making the transaction through mobile banking. The lack of money in hand and long rows in the banks realize the necessity of digital wallet to us. Today, smartphone changers our life to a different world with many features.

For mobile banking or using the digital wallet, Paytm is the top and most preferred by the smartphone users without going for any other digital wallet. Currently, it has more than 150 million regular users since it provides a larger online payments platform throughout the country.

what is paytm wallet

But, numbers of people are not using Paytm and Paytm digital wallet because of various reason such as safety and security of wallet, how Paytm Works, How to use Paytm and also what a Paytm is?

So, here is a guide on Paytm and Paytm wallet such as what is Paytm, how Paytm works, and How to use Paytm?

What is Paytm?

Paytm is a digital platform for making payments through smartphones. It is owned by the One97 Communications which allows doing transactions through debit cards, and credit cards, online banking, also by depositing cash through selecting partners and banks with the help of integrated wallet; named as Paytm Wallet. The transferred money through Paytm wallet can be used at any time for shopping and buy any items and goods from the market without having real cash from the market.

pay with paytm

Paytm wallet can be used for doing transaction such as making recharges for mobile phones data cards, metro cards, DTH cable, etc. One can also pay bills for electricity, mobile phones,  water, landline including the gas bill through Paytm. It is also possible to book tickets for train, flights, buses, hotels, movies, etc through this digital wallet. In addition to this, you can also use this digital wallet for shopping and buy goods from e-commerce company’s through online and offline payments using Paytm wallet.

What is Paytm Wallet?

As we discussed earlier, Paytm wallet is a platform for digital payment which allows you to transfer money from your current or saving bank account or from a credit card for doing transactions on a single click without wasting of priceless time.

For using this digital payment platform. you have to create an account by using your mobile or phone number and an E-mail ID. In this digital wallet, anyone can add Rs. 10,000 per month for the digital transaction. You can also increase the monthly saving limit but there is need of getting the KYC (Know Your Customer) processor is to complete. This exclusive digital payment platform allows us to have cash up to Rs. one lac to save in it and enable us to use this any instant, whenever, there is need of cash.

How to Use Paytm And Paytm Wallet?

Numbers of people are not using Paytm instead of having a saving account and need of lot cash at the different point of time because of the procedure involved in using in the Paytm and Paytm wallet. So, here below is a guide on HOW TO USE PAYTM AND PAYTM WALLET…

how to pay with payment

Follow the following instruction for using the Paytm Wallet and making a cash-free transaction:

  • Create a Paytm Account: Generate a Paytm account by using your mobile or phone number and an E-mail ID
  • Fill Your Wallet: For using this digital payment platform, you have to add some money to this wallet through mobile net banking, net banking, credit or debit card.
  • Send Money: For doing a cash-free transaction or transfer some cash to any person, start with the option, ‘Pay or Send’ option.
  • QR Code: This wallet also provides us the facility of QR scanning system. By scanning QR cone, one can send money or can transact at any instant of time, standing anywhere to someone else the or to a bank account.
  • Send Cash to Other Paytm account: You can also send money to other Paytm account through their mobile or phone numbers.

How to Use Paytm For Offline Payments?

Paytm wallet can be used for a cash-free transaction without having internet connectivity. For transacting offline through Paytm wallet, you have to make use of either barcodes or QR codes at the retailer along with OTP (One-Time Password) as confirmation of making payment.

How to add money to paytm wallet

So, for doing Offline payment through Paytm wallet, here below is a guide to do it easily…

  • Open the Paytm App
  • Select one from ‘Pay or Send’ option
  • Then, prefer from QR code & barcodes (given in two separate tabs)
  • Then, scan the opted code & enter the OTP (One-Time Password) to allow the payment offline successfully.
  • Your payment is successful!!!

Dear friend, using a Paytm wallet is not a hardworking job, the above procedure shows as for how easy and simple it is to transfer or make payment through this digital waller, offline and online…

There is really need of using this amazing digital payment platform to save our priceless time and also avoid the discomfort faced by us in various types of transaction…

Learn it and use it, how simple is it?

Is It Safe to Use Paytm Wallet?

Security of our cash or money is the topmost requirement of all of us. And we all think a lot while using a digital payment platform that “is it safe or not” and start taking reviews of others. But, friends, Paytm wallet is an RBI-approved wallet that allows us to keep our money to it and spent whenever there is need of it without having an internet connection, anywhere at any point of time.

how to recharge with paytm

Paytm is using Verisign-certified 128-bit encryption technology for security which is not easy to be hacked by the fraudsters and the secret of your account such as the password is not going to reveal anybody. Also, this digital platform (Paytm) is PCI DSS 2.0 certified which never store any kind of information of your credit or debit card data in any kind of information.

Paytm Alternatives

Paytm is not only single platform available for doing digital transaction but it is dominating the other in providing a better facility and easy and simple way of using. However, there are many other such as MobiKwik, Ola Money, FreeCharge, and PayUMoney which are also popular amongst the people for the digital payment, each one with different and significant features.


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