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SBI (Unnati) Credit Card Eligibility, Limit, & Benefits

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SBI Credit Card | Unnati Credit Card

About SBI Credit Card

Like other foreign countries, in India, it is also available to get a credit card with lots of facility and amazing offer pack. In India, State Bank of India is providing the best credit card in India. The SBI credit card is known as Unnati Credit Card.

Unnati credit card

So, let’s learn today what is SBI Credit card, Unnati Credit Card, eligibility criteria for it, the feature of the Unnati card, the advantage of SBI Credit Card and also how to apply for SBI credit card or Unnati Credit Card in the following article.

What is SBI Credit Card or Unnati Credit Card?

As like the other commercial banks do, the State bank of India is also providing the exclusive service of giving loans to their customer in advance. The new SBI Credit Card for its customers is named as the SBI Unnati Card.

SBI unnati credit card

Basically, SBI Unnati Card is mainly started by the govt. for promoting the digital transaction amongst the people’s. This credit card is very different from rest credit cards, and there are very low service charges on this, compared to other credit cards.

Everyone wants to have his own credit card to spend that much, he wants to do. Nowadays, SBI gives the facility of the loan in advances by giving Unnati Credit card to their regular customers. The only need is, you should have an existing bank account in any branch of SBI.

How to Obtain SBI Unnati Credit Card

If a person makes an FD (Fixed Deposit) of Rs. 25,000 or more, then he can get an advancement on his fixed deposit by applying for credit card. The biggest thing about this card is that this card can be also used by the consumers of Jan-Dhan Yojana. This is much better than the normal debit card.

SBI Credit Card | Eligibility

Before creating a new and unknown customer, the bank’s branch will first of check some criteria for issuing a new credit card. You must have to pass the following criteria to become eligible for issuing the SBI Unnati credit card.

SBI Credit card

  1. You must have an SBI bank account which exists really and also in working condition
  2. A user of Jan Dhan Yojana Bank Account can also apply for this card.
  3. To get SBI Unnati card, it is important to have a Fixed Deposit Account of at least 25,000 or more as this card is given on a fixed account in confidence with you.
  4. You must have Indian Nationality for having this credit card
  5. The applicant should be at least 18 years of age and not more than 65 years of age.

SBI Unnati Credit Card | Benefits

The following are the 10 benefits of using SBI Unnati Credit Card. Learn them

Unnati credit card Benefits

Free Service For First 4 Years

If you are applying for having a new SBI Unnati Credit card, then SBI is giving this facility for free to use for the first four years.

There will be no card fees of any kind in the first four years. After the 5th year, consumers will have to pay Rs 499 + GST as the fees for this card to the banks.

Amazing Reward Points Per Transaction

If you are making a transaction through the SBI Unnati card, then at every transaction of 100 rupees, you will be rewarded by 1 Reward Point which you can use on SBI’s Rewards Catalog.

So, it will always beneficial to you, spend more, earn more and used these collected reward point on SBI’s Rewards Catalog.

Cashback Offer Pack

According to SBI, if you make transactions through this card for purchasing anything, Rs 50,000 or more than it in a time of one year from Unnati Credit Card, you will get cashback of Rs. 500.

Spend more and get more and more cashback.

Interest-Free Credit Period is There

SBI gives 50 days for the repayment, the consumer spent earlier for purchasing anything without taking any kind of Intrest on it that is this service is interest-free for 50 days of repayment

You can pay this credit money in Internet Banking or Cash in any of your fixed accounts.

More Than One Credit Card At a Time

If you wish to have more SBI Unnati Card, then you can apply for more than one Unnati Credit Card for a single fixed account for your wife or parent.

In the first 4 years, these cards will not apply any fees.

Rebate on Fuel surcharge

For every transaction between 500 and 3000, there is a rebate of 1% fuel surcharge, in which GST and other Charges will not be added for using this credit card.

Benefits of Unnati credit card

Transactions in Foreign Currencies | Easy International Transactions

SBI Unnati Credit Card is also Secure as like the Visa and Master Card are, which supports International Transaction too.

Therefore you can also buy anything in foreign currencies.

Also, you can use this card for all the outlets worldwide, which is also a great thing.

Can Pay Any kind of Bills

Through this SBI Unnati credit card, you can easily pay utility bills such as electricity bill, mobile phone bill, landline bill, as per your needs.

Easier EMI for Repayment

Through Unnati Credit card, you can easily pay for several types of online shopping like EMI to Monthly Fees and Invoice.

Interest rates are also too low on this, like 0.5 % on 3 months EMI, and 0.75 %  on 6 months EMI, etc.

Easy Money Withdrawal For Cash

You can also withdraw about 80 % Amount of Your Deposit Account on ATMs. As the Visa and Master Card Support this Worldwide, with the maximum limit of Rs. 12000 per day.

Final Words

This is all about the SBI Credit Card or Unnati Credit Card such as what is SBI Credit Card? what are Unnati credit card, the advantages, and benefits of SBI UNNATI credit card, And also how to obtain SBI credit card or how to get SBI credit card?

However, if there is misguiding information in this article or is there any information lacking about SBI Unnnati Credit card, then dear friends, please inform us. So, that we can solve your queries as soon as possible.

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