How to send money through SBI net banking

How to Transfer Money Through SBI Internet Banking

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SBI Net Banking


Hello dear friends, did you know how to transfer money online or What is SBI net banking? No… Then today I will teach you how to send money in just a few minutes with the help of SBI’s Internet Banking. 

Friends, Internet banking is an online platform that lets you safely send money from your account to someone else’s account.  But, numbers of peoples do not know how to send money from SBI Internet Banking? 

After going through some easy steps, you can learn how to send money from SBI Internet Banking?  and also how to print your account transactions.

SBI Net Banking

In India, State bank of India has more customers than other banks, but figures say that of them only 15 % of SBI users are using its internet banking service. There main reason behind  not using internet banking service are:

  • People do not come to use internet banking.
  • There is no facility on the internet in people’s home.
  • Think that there is some charge for using this service.

Let’s learn how to perform net banking through SBI Net Banking.

Steps To Do SBI Internet Banking | Money Transfer Online

By following the steps given below, anyone can learn how to send money through SBI’s Internet Banking within a few minutes. Since it is always beneficial to you and is also better.

However, for using this service, you must have to apply for SBI’s Internet Banking service to your SBI branch, in which you have the account to get your account SBI Internet Banking, Username, and Password. After receiving Username, and Password, you can take advantage of the SBI Internet Banking facilities.

Step 1:  Visit Official Website of SBI

Firstly, Go to the official web page of State bank of India, for using the service of SBI Internat Banking.

Here is a link for you:

How to send money through SBI net banking

Step 2: Click on The Login Option

Then after, click on the Login New Version or Login option, available on the homepage.

After which, you will see a new page that will be re-written in the Continue to Login.

Click on that button Continue to Login to move ahead.

Step 3: Enter Your Username, and Password

On the next page, you will see a login panel on the screen.

You will see to option on screen, Username & Password.

SBI money Transfer

Where you can enter your SBI’s Internet Banking Username, and Password.

After filling the details, click on the Login.

Step 4: Click the Payments or Transfers Option

On the next page, you will see a Dashboard of your SBI Internet Banking, in which your name will be written on the right-hand side.

In the menu, you will see an option for Payments or Transfers.

Click on the option, Payments or Transfers.

Step 5: Transfer Money or Send Money Option

On the next page, you will see a page of Transfer.

On this page of SBI Internet Banking, there are many options for Money Transfer, such as:

  • Money Transfer within SBI: Fund Transfer to Own Account, SBI Accounts of Others
  • Outside SBI: Other Bank Transfer, Credit Card VISA Bill Pay, International Fund Transfer
  • Other Payment(State Bank Collect, Donation, NRI eZ Trade Fund Transfer, NPS
  • Contribution, Issue of Demand Draft, Western Union Service, etc.
  • Other Request: State Bank mCASH, Quick Transfer, Instant Money Transfer…

In all these options, you can transfer money to SBI branch, to other banks, or Credit Card VISA Bill Pay, International Fund Transfer from your account, whatever, you want’s.

SBI money Transfer

Choose that one, you want to do like sending money to other’s SBI accounts.

If you want to send money to other bank accounts, then you have to select the option for another bank transfer.

To transfer money with the help of these options, you have to add beneficiary already.

NOTE: If you want to transfer money immediately, without adding Beneficiary, you can go for the option of Quick Transfer or Instant Money Transfer, available on the screen.

Step 6: Transfer Money  To Other Banks Thorugh SBI Net Banking?

For transferring money to another bank account through SBI net banking, firstly click on the option, Other Bank Transfer. You will find three option here.

how to do SBI money Transfer

NEFT: Through this service, one can transfer money up to 10 Lakhs. But, it takes longer time.

IMPS: Using this service, you can transfer money any time throughout the day up to two lacks.

RTGS: This service is same as the IMPS is, but in this, your money will be deposited within 2 hours of money transfer.

On the next page, choose the option, you want to make money transfer.

Then after, put the amount you want to transfer money.

Then, put a suitable reason behind your money transfer.

Then click on the Pay Now option followed by Submit option.

Then confirm the transfer by clicking on the confirmation page, submit.

Hence, the process is completed here…

Final Words

This is all about how to send money through SBI net banking or how to transfer money through SBI net banking.

But, if you have problems in this process, then let us inform by commenting below, we will solve it as soon as possible.

Have a good day…

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