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Rupay Cards All Details and How To Get A New Rupay Card

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Rupay Cards Details


Welcome back to my site, dear friends!!! Today, I am here with all the information on the Indian credit or debit card; known as the Rupay Card. We will also discuss the complete details about this card such as what is a Rupay card, how to get a Rupay card, Rupay card registration, how to use it, its feature, advantages, and disadvantages of this, Rupay card in this article

What is Rupay Card

What does this word mean “RUPAY CARD” to you? This word is generated by addition of the  Rupay and Payment, both of them have are well known and have their own importance in the area related to the payment or transaction through a card. Rupay card is first of all discovered by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) under the vigilance of the Finance Ministry in the May of 2014th.

Rupay card

Rupay card is mainly developed to minimize the hard work, invested for the transaction through checks and also through a clerical agent. This card is also helpful in perform any type of transaction such a to put money in your account or to withdraw money from your account and also to know your bank balance status with the help of an automatic machine called ATM Machines to get relive from the overburden of single transaction

Rupay Debit Card | Features

The features of the Rupay Debit are as following, learn them.

  1. This Card does not have any cardholder photo on it.
  2. This card is based on the PIN authorization, which is more secure while performing an online transaction such as online shopping or booking something online…
  3. It has a limit of minimum 10 years for using. However, this can vary from different banks to banks.
  4. There are discounts offers for using this credit card like the Canara Bank gives cash back for using this in some field such a billing a booked rail ticket and buying movie tickets, etc.
  5. In the world, this card is the 7th payment gateway system

How to Get Rupay Card?

As we know that Rupay card is Indian credit or debit card, which is specially developed for the  Indian consumers. So, now the question is that how to get Rupay card for your own? One can apply for the Rupay debit card, to the local or nearby govt banks and also to the private sector banks.

No need to worry about how many providers are there? Because about more than 200 rural and co-operative banks are providing this facility to their customers. Just select the best one and start using it.

Indian Credit card

So, provide comfort to you, here below is a list of some best banks, from where you can get this plastic card…

Govt. (Public Sector) Banks

  1. State Bank of India
  2. Bank of India
  3. Punjab National Bank
  4. Central Bank of India
  5. Bank of Baroda
  6. Union Bank of India
  7. Canara Bank
  8. Andhra Bank

Private sector banks

  1. Federal Bank is the first private sector bank in India to issue the Rupay debit card.
  2. ICICI Bank nd
  3. HDFC Bank, also provide this facility to their customers

Internation banks

  1. Citi Bank and
  2. HSBC Bank.

are only two international banks, which are providing Rupay cards to their customers.

Anyone, who is regular customer having current or savings account in the mentioned above banks can apply for the Rupay Credit card. There are numbers of PoS (Point of Sale Machine) and ATM machines are available around you, Find them and use you issued Rupay card. However, One can also select Visa and Mastercard instead of Rupay card.

Rupay Card | Eligibility

Rupay card register

Are you eligible for to get a Rupay Card? Do not know, see the below point and find weather are you eligible or not?

  1. To get a Rupee card; you should have a savings or current bank account.
  2. Both being and new consumers are eligible to obtain Rupay card.
  3. Also, the contemporary customer can also restrict the debit card and can get a new card in return for that.

Rupay Card | Limit

Here below is the list of the limit for using the Rupay card at ATM & PoS machine of all these mentioned govt, private and international service provider. Note that this limit can vary from banks to banks, depending on the facility available by these banks.

  1. Bank of India: 25,000 Rs each card
  2. Punjab National Bank: 25,000 Rs  and 60,000  Rs per card
  3. Bank of Baroda: 25,000 Rs and 50,000  Rs per card
  4. Dena Bank: 20,000 Rs and 25,000  Rs per card
  5. UCO Bank: 25,000 Rs  each
  6. Central Bank of India: 40,000 Rs and 100,000  Rs per card
  7. Maharashtra Rural Bank: 10,000 Rs. each card
  8. Oriental Bank of Commerce: 25,000 Rs each card
  9. Vijay Bank: 30,000 Rs and 25,000  Rs per card

Depending on your own investment, select the best bank, of which you want to get the Rupay card.

Rupay Card Online Payment

Using this cards has numbers of advantage, of which, the transaction online is one of these. Likewise other plastic cards, this card also can be used for online shopping, purchasing tickets online, etc and using this card is also secured and safer. Rupay Cardholder can use this card for paying monthly bills, such as purchasing products online,  etc.

How to Use For the First Time

Many peoples do not know how to use this card for the first time, so here below is an easy to follow, step by step guide for those people. Use this and learn how to Rupay card for the first time online…

How to use Rupay card online

Using this card online is very simple. For this, you have not to register separately. You need only two things with you. First, your card information and 2nd are the OTP you receive on your mobile number.

Then after, the procedure is as follows.

  1. Once you see the payment issuing screen, the request for customer authentication is stoped. However, this can be done with the help of Net Banking, OTP, and some Challenging Questions.
  2. You can move ahead, by entering the simple login details. You will receive an OTP on your register mobile or E-mail address. Or for verification through challenging questions, you have to answer some essential questions.
  3. You have to receive a new OTP for each & every new transaction.
  4. After filling up all the essential information, you will get a positive response from the issuer.
  5. Now, you will see the logo of Indian National Payment Corporation (NCPI) from which you can enter the entry page. Always remember that your image and phrase selection is essential for performing an online transaction, and also for the future payment.
  6. Now, you got a message of successful registration for using it online.
  7. Now, enter the ATM pin, after that, transaction information got submitted and also the amount will be debited from your bank account.
  8. Hence, you process is being completed for the first time.
  9. Now, you can go for another transaction.

As per me, this process is good enough to get register and use online you Rupay card.

Rupay Card | Advantages and Disadvantages

benefits of Rupay card

Rupay Card | Advantages

The following is the list of all the benefits of Rupay card:

  1. E-Commerce For for Using: There are more than 10,000 e-commerce sites, for using this card as payment gateway
  2. Too Low Interest: You have to pay only 0.01% transaction fee for paying for this card.
  3. Big Limit of Transaction: There is a big limit for transacting with this card, which varies from the issuer to issuer.
  4. Safe for Use: For  Every transaction, you will receive an OTP before starting a new transaction, is safer to use.

Rupay card |  Disadvantages

The following are the disadvantages of Rupay card. Learn them

  1. No Reward Points: Rupay card does not offer any type of reward point whereas Mastercard and Visa card offer exciting reward points, for each transaction with them.
  2. No Update: Also, there is no update on the issuer annual fee.
  3. Require Attention: Using a Rupay card may lead to lower loss, so it is necessary to give attention.

Final Words

Friends Hope that this is enough for learning all about Rupay Cards such as what is Rupay card, how to get Rupay card, Rupay card advantages and benefits, Rupay card disadvantages, Rupay card offers and Rupay card online payment and online transaction…

However, if you are feeling any type of discomfort while going through this article then please share your reviews with us via commenting below in the comment box. We will solve your quarries as soon as possible by us…

Have a Good Day…

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