What is Paytm and How Does Paytm Works | A Simple Guide

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Paytm | How to Use and How Does it Work?

With the ease of increasing usability of Paytm, it is essential to learn how to Use Paytm. Since it is not a hard working job, but it may be a difficult task for those, who are new to Paytm. So, in the following article, we are going to learn what is Paytm, how to use Paytm, how to create Paytm account and how to transfer money from Paytm to bank account through this an easy to follow guide

What is Paytm?

Basically, Paytm is one kind of digital platform of payments that allow transferring cash or money into the integrated wallet named Paytm wallet, through online banking, credit cards,  debit cards, and even through depositing cash at selected banks and partners. This money or cash available in Paytm wallet can be used for paying numbers of goods without having the cash in hand.


Paytm can be used for recharges for mobile phones, data cards, DTH cable, metro cards, etc, and also for postpaid payments including electricity, water, broadband, and gas bills. It is also possible to book tickets for flights, trains, buses, hotel rooms, movies, etc. This digital payment platform can also be used for paying e-commerce platform for purchasing any kinds of goods. One can also use this Paytm for offline payments for making the transaction at any Paytm merchant.

How To Use Paytm App?

It is easy to use the Paytm app. However, following are some easy to follow, few simple steps by which anyone can learn How to use the Paytm app?

how to add money to paytm

  • Firstly visit the official web portal of the Paytm. Here is link: www.paytm.com
  • For better experience, download Paytm app on your smartphone or androids
  • Install it & Open the Paytm app
  • Now Register or login to this app
  • To register, you have to enter a valid email address
  • After registration, try to login to Paytm
  • To use Paytm features, add some credit or money to this Paytm wallet
  • You can add money through any of the following ones:
  1. Debit card
  2. Credit card
  3. Net banking
  4. ATM
  5. IMPS

Learn How to Transfer Money From Paytm to Bank Account

How does Paytm work?

Paytm works in two various ways. These two are

  • Paytm wallet and
  • Paytm payments bank.

As we discussed earlier that Paytm is a digital platform for payment which allows transferring cash or money via debit card, credit card, online banking, and few selected banking partners. The Paytm wallet account cash can be used for paying all kinds of bills such as mobile recharge, electric bills, cab payments, ticket bookings, movies, gas bills, etc without spending cash.

how does paytm works

For performing various kinds of transaction, we have to add cash to the Paytm wallet. After which, that money can be used anywhere at any instant of time.

For creating a new Paytm account, you have to follow an easy to follow the guide, here is a guide for you on how to create a new Paytm account and how to transfer money from Paytm to a bank account.

Learn How to Create Paytm Account in Few Simple Steps

For using the Paytm service, you have to add money to the Paytm. Learn How to add money to Paytm. The added cash to the Paytm can be use for using any of the facility given by the Paytm such as

Note: It is a good thing to always sign-out your Paytm account, whenever it is used for making any cash transfer or paying bills.

Paytm also give two options for making a transaction through it in two different ways. One can transfer money from Paytm wallet to another Paytm wallet account and then another one is from Bank to bank money transfer. This facility is given by the selected Paytm payments bank and they also work on the same basis as the nationalized banks do. Paytm Users having already Paytm wallet account can transact to the bank account.

Later users can enjoy all the facility & benefits, given by wallet.  Which is the real reason behind the increment in the usability of Paytm by the people in the e-payments and e-transactions payments

 Hope that you have understood well that what is Paytm, how to use Paytm, how to create Paytm account and how to transfer money from Paytm to bank account. However, if you are feeling any sorts of discomfort while using the Paytm app, let us inform, we will try to help you with our best efforts.

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