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Credit Card Common Frauds & Their Prevention to Stay Safer…

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Credit Card Frauds

Have you ever been getting trapped in a credit or debit card frauds contempt? No, but be careful, because this world is full of Hackers and fraudsters, who are always looking for a challenging job such as doing a card fraud with you. And Friends, making frauds for credit cards is the simplest one of all types of frauds in this worlds. So, friends, let us learn what is credit and debit cards frauds, how to avoid frauds, get rid of frauds along with some example of some common frauds, etc in this following article.

Guys, go through the complete article, this will definitely help you in getting rid of the credit card and debit card frauds, as soon as you got detection of frauds.

Nowadays, the hackers and fraudsters are spread as much level that stopping them with a single person is not possible, so, learn what is credit card frauds and how to avoid them and save your credit card by your self only, because taking help of others can be the beginning of a new fraud.

credit cards fraud Online

Banks are giving several types of instructions through various ways of communication like by SMS, a Phone call, an E-mail, etc to keep awake their customers to be saved from the frauds. Banks are always 1 step ahead of such types of crimes by introducing numbers of security features, along with chip-based plastic cards & 2 factors authentication, etc.

So, here below are the different ways of cards frauds; a credit card or debit cards. Learn them and prevent yourself from being trapped in such types of crime.

In What Ways, Can You be Fooled?

Basically, the Card fraud involves theft of information & identity of your credit cards. This knowledge is then can be used to make an ATM withdrawals or perform an online or an offline transaction from your cards. There are many ways of stealing the identity, which can be one of the following.

  1. ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) Frauds
  2. Frauds through Online transactions
  3. Point-of-Sale or Merchant Theft Frauds

So, let us learn all these ways of cards frauds, step by step.

ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) Frauds

Presently, the ATMs are used by most of the peoples and ATMs are also used by the fraudsters to steal an identity of any person, acquiring any plastic cards, whether it may be a credit card, a debit card, a master card or a Rupay card. There are five ways of making a fraud with the help of ATMs. These five ways used by the thrives are:


In this technique of frauding with the card, a skimming device is to be fixed in the card reader slot, so that, whenever, you insert your card into that slot, your card identity can get copied instantly. And, also sometimes a previously hidden camera is available in the ATM room.

Skimming Card frauds

So, be aware of such types of crimes. In a few minutes, you become a victim of skimming technique, used by the thrives to obtain your identity, and there may be a chance of your more loss even.

Card trapping

This is another technique, used by the fraudsters. Basically, card trapping is a barb which can retain the complete card information, when you just insert the card into the ATM machine. After that, that card can is retrieved and the obtained information can be used for making a transaction or making a money withdrawal from your card.

Be Secure and stay updated with your card, whenever you make a withdrawal.

Shoulder surfing

Sometimes, you find some friendly bystanders, present in the ATM room or outsides already there. They try to helps you, whenever, your plastic card gets stuck in the machine, Sometimes they also use to peer your shoulder, be careful they may be a fraudster and try to get your Plastic card PIN with friendly conversation with you.

Leaving card or PIN

You used to remember your PIN by writing it on your cards, then it may be the worst habit of you. Sometimes, in hurry, you may forget your card in the ATM machine or ATM kiosk, then you are inviting a fraudster to you such like as saying that, come and let use my money for you & make a victim of the scam.

Frauds through Online transactions

The ease of shopping online or paying bills online is also matched by the felicity sometimes by which, your identity can be theft or stolen with the help of a smartphone or a computer, which can be used for unauthorized transactions later by the thrives in several ways.

credit cards fraud public wifi

Most the people acquire a credit card or a debit card for making a transaction online, but it is also notable that, transacting online also have some disadvantages. So, the following are the ways, used by the fraudster to theft or stolen your card information, Learn them, it may be helpful for you also.


This technique of making frauds is most used by the fraudsters, they just reroute you to another website, in fact, a fake website which looks like the official one, but not in reality. So, be careful while making a transaction online such as paying for online shopping with a debit or credit card, because, your information may go in wrong hand and can be used for unauthorized transactions. What can you do, when your information is stolen but you are not even aware of it.

Keystroke logging

In this technique, you will unintentionally download the software, which can allow the fraudsters or fraudster to trace your steal passwords & keystrokes or a credit card and also Net banking information.

So, it is always a point of think much whenever an unrequested or undesired software got download on your smartphone or the computer. Since there may be a chance of being a victim of card frauds.

Public WiFi

There is nothing to free for use without money, except some. And nowadays, numbers of peoples and organization are allowing their public Wi-Fi to make use of you for free.

credit cards fraud Online

Be careful while making a transaction with a credit card or debit card by using such types of free networks because a public Wi-Fi can make for the excellent hacking opportunity for the thieves making enable to steal the card information.


Friends, this software is a malicious software which can destroy your computer systems at ATM machine and also the bank servers to allow fraudsters get access to your card for obtaining confidential data of your card.

Point-of-Sale or Merchant Theft

This method of making fraud with the card is most common of all the methods because of, it the most effective method of stealth. In this technique, whenever, you insert your card for swiping at the PoS machine or is to be taken by the salesperson for your swiping, then, at this stage, all the details from card magnetic strip can be copied, which can be used later for making an illegal transaction.

credit cards fraud

Phishing And Vishing

What does your think by reading this word; Phishing? Friends, phishing technique of stealth involves stolen identity and information by emails spamming which look like comes from an official source, whereas, vishing method is basically the same techniques, which can be done with an SMS or Messages through a smartphone

All the mentioned above method are used for exposing your PIN, password, and also the account number, you have.

SIM swipe fraud

In this method of stealth, the fraudster will contacts to your mobile operator by using a fraudulent identity proof & can get a duplicate SIM card. Then after, the operator will deactivate your original SIM card & the thief will send you a fake OTP (one-time password) on that phone, by which, you used to attend various transactions online.

credit cards fraud

Unsafe apps

Are we are habitual to use numbers of apps in our smartphone as well as on the PC, so it can also lead you to be get trapped in a frauds contempt. It is advised to use only those apps, which comes with preinstalled apps from the store only. Because, a fake or unsafe application can allow to the thief to gain access to all your information, which is saved in your phone such as account no., PIN, Password, CVV number, etc which can be used by any fraud for doing for unauthorized transactions, a single or more than one But, probably, these numbers are more than one.

Interception or Lost & Stolen Cards

This method is the classical form of doing a theft, where the transactions are being carried out through the stolen cards. Such types of interception are done by the frauds before these cards could reach to the card owner from the issuer. Also, this is also done by trolling out cards details such as the account number, the passwords, PINs, etc from the trash bins.

Fake Cards Using Other Papers

Nowadays, this is the simplest form of making a card fraud, used for identity theft usually. In this method of stealth, new plastic cards are composed by fraudsters by using the personal information, which is stolen previously from the application forms and sometimes other lost and discarded documents of you.

Frauds with credit cards by fake call

So, be careful before receiving a card, the person may be a fraudster, the information may come from such as discarded document source.

How To Prevent the Frauds

In this world, nothing is impossible, you may get trapped in a fraud contempt, so it is a good idea to learn how can we get detect the frauds. So, follows are some basics and preventive steps, that will assure you that you are not being trapped in a fraud contempt of debit or credit card frauds. Learn what are these preventive steps:

Avoid credit card frauds

ATM safeguards

The Managing Director of the NCR India, Navroze Dastur warn the people by saying that Stay away from ATMs that appear dirty or in disrepair. They may not work or, worse, maybe fake machines set to capture your card information as a clarification for the financial security.

Whatever is this, below are some task to do for not to be trapped in a fraud contempt, learn them.

Check machine

It is always beneficial to check atm machine before doing a transaction through an atm or withdrawing a money by using atm. Because, sometimes, fraudsters also used to cheat you by making some changes to the atm machine.

So, friends, it is a basic task that can be done by anyone, just check the machine before using it and avoid making transactions, if you feel that working system is different from the other machines, it may a fraud contempt.

Cover keypad

Be sure of covering the machine keypad while entering the PIN number with your hands, since the hidden cameras also present sometimes in the room, fixed previously by the thieves to obtain your PIN numbers

ATM's credit cards fraud

Never Take Help of Others

Usually, many peoples used to take help of other peoples standing inside or outsides the room. But, friends, it is recommended to do not take bits of the help of others while making a transaction through the ATM,s, especially, those who are connected to the bank branch and also the security guards of that branch. There are too many volunteering available for you to assist if you get puzzled, always try to avoid them and also the person, waiting for outside.

Online precautions to Avoid Frauds

ATM's credit cards fraud prevention

Use Only Safe Sites

It is advisable to all that, use only these sites which are safe to use and also are well known for shopping online. There are numbers of sites, search by numbers of people all over the worlds by the internet lovers. Fraud company or organization us to fool you making you feel that you are going on the right way, in reality, on are tracing a different site.

Also, be assured that website uses protocol rather using. It is a notable that, the in the URL stands the for.

Also, be careful while clicking on the option, asking you for protecting your card identity, on any available site.

Anti-Virus software

Nowadays, many peoples use to install several anti-virus software on their smartphones and also computers to prevent the malware of security measure of ATM network for increasing the safeguard transactions. Sometimes, such types of software enable the thieves to rub out the information remotely if your mobile or smartphone gets stolen.

Debit card

It is always recommended that do not make use of the debit card for shopping online or e-commerce purchases. As, if your card is negotiated by anyone, then the whole cash from your bank account can be taken out instantly. The credit card, on the other hand, offers a months grace period before the cash leaves your account, during which the investigation can possibly nail the fraud.

Whereas the credit card offers you got a grace of one month period, whenever, there a withdrawal did from your account, in which, it is possible to investigate the complete fraud contempt.

Hide CVV Number And PIN

Do not enter your CVV on any site for making an online transaction, because it should be disguised by the asterisks, especially when shopping, especially for the foreign websites. For them, you CVV number is the only way of verification.

Avoid credit card frauds

However, using a virtual keyboard is the best way to bypass keystroke logging.

Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi

It is also recommended to avoid doing a transaction online while using a public WIFI because they are the most unsecured networks for everyone and sometimes also use for stealing the identity.

Always Register for alerts

This is one of the most important steps, which to be taken first of all. By this, the banks will send to SMS and E-mail alert whenever, you will perform a transaction, with a credit card or a debit card or withdraw money from an ATM machine, instantly, but, banks put some charge for providing this service.

Do not forget to update your contact number, if there is a need for change.

Log out

Do not forget to log out from the social media, whenever you work online and also make sure of data security. Also, do not store information like PIN and password, if feel discomfort to remember them. These online Details may be used by any thief sometimes.

Change Your Passwords Regularly

It is always safe to keep changing your password at a regular interval, it will directly reduce the chance of theft.

Acquire a Virtual card

This is the best way of being a safe from the cards frauds. Generate a virtual credit card by using the official application of the bank, because, in this, no one can detect the identity of the card like the PIN, card number, CVV number, etc. So, obtain this credit, virtual credit card to be safe from cards frauds.

Offline preventive measures to Card Frauds

Here below are some preventive steps to perform. Learn them and keep your card safer

credit cards frauds in India

Do Not Expose Details

Do not share your Password, PIN, or CVV number to anyone. Do not respond any email or messages, asking for any critical or card related information. There is no bank or a credit card firm present that allows anybody to investigate all card information from customers through an email or a phone call.

Check statements

It is recommended you, check your statements regularly, because, this will help you detect any unauthorized transaction with your identity and alert your bank as soon as you detect a fraud contempt with your card.

Merchants And PoS Machine

Pos Machines are mainly used by the petrol pump, store, malls, shops, etc to avoid the facility of doing a transaction with their credit and debit cards. But, sometimes, the salesperson is too tricky that they can acquire PIN, Passwords, And also some details. Then after, the card can be copied or stolen in some ways.

credit cards frauds

So, to avoid such types of frauds, try to use chip base card readers. But, take care that every person is not a fraudster

Never sign a blank slip

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