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Area Code 205 | Alabama Cities, Location, Map & Time Zone

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Area Code 205 | Alabama

What’s up Friends… Today I am here with little information about area code 205 or area code of Alabama. I will also give you correct information about area code 205 | time zone, time in Alabama, area code 205 location, area code 205 map, Alabama Map, etc in this article.

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About Area Code 205

Area code 205 or area code of Alabama is one of those 86 original area codes which were initially created by AT & T along with the bell system and was effectively implemented on January 1, 1947, with the bell system of US. The area code 205 served the entire Alabama state.

Area code 205 map

In 1995, area code 334 was generated from this area code and in 1998, area code 256 was also generated from the area code 205 as an overlay of this area code. Presently, the largest city served by the area code 305 is Birmingham city, AL, which also overlaps the coverage area of area code 659.

Where is the 205 Area Code Located?

Area code 205 is located in the state of Alabama of the US which originally provides services in the city of Birmingham. Area code 205 broadcasts in 20 counties of Alabama state of the US. The estimated population of Alabama State is 4.863 million till 2016.

Area Code 205 | Time Zone | Time In Alabam

The area code 205 or the state of Alabama is located in the Central time zone, same time zone as the Chicago, IL has.

Alabama Wiki & Facts

The state of Alabama is named after the river, Alabama which was named after the Native American tribe known as ‘Alabama’ which was inhabited to that region which is assumed to be originated from a word from Choctaw language ‘alba-ammo’ meaning of this word is “vegetation gatherer” since the tribe was especially known for collecting herbs to use herbs as medicine

Area code 205 alabama map

Geographically, Alabama state is in the southeastern portion of the United States. And it is adjoined by Tennessee on the northern portion, Georgia on the eastern portion, Florida & the Gulf of Mexico on the southern portion, and by Mississippi on the western portion. By area, Alabama is the 30th largest state and is 24th most populous state in the USA. Alabama has the most inland waterways covering about 2,400 km of inland waterways.

Alabama Quick Facts

Following is a list of some amazing facts on the Alabama State, learn the list

  • State Capital: Montgomery
  • Largest city of the State: Birmingham
  • Total Area of Alabama: 135,765 km(52,419 sq mi)
  • Longitude: 84° 53′ W to 88° 28′ W
  • Latitude: 30° 11′ N to 35° N
  • Highest point of the State: Mount Cheaha
  • Lowest point of the State: Gulf of Mexico
  • State Official Website:
  • In 1836, state of Alabama became the 1st in the United States to declare the Christmas as a legal holiday.
  • The constitution of Alabama state is over 300,000 words & is longest state constitution all over the world.
  • The 1st rocket space shuttle to put humans on the moon was developed in the Marshall Space Flight Center of NASA, Huntsville, Alabama.
  • In the early of 19th century, the roads in Alabama are made up of woods.
  • In 1703, state of Alabama becomes the 1st city in the USA to celebrate the Mardi Gras.

Alabama | Cities (Area Code 205 cities)

The following is a list of all the major cities of area code 205 or Alabama along with their Time Zone.

alabama city places

City Time Zone City Time Zone
Alabaster CST Bessemer CST
Birmingham CST Center Point CST
Clanton CST Fairfield CST
Fultondale CST Gardendale CST
Helena CST Homewood CST
Hoover CST Jasper CST
Leeds CST Moody CST
Mountain Brook CST Northport CST
Pelham CST Pell City CST
Pleasant Grove CST Trussville CST
Tuscaloosa CST Vestavia Hills CST

The state of Alabama falls in central time zone. The current time in Alabama 12:03:24 AM
( on Friday, January 05, 2018)

Alabama Map | USA

The following is the map of Alabama state so that you can locate any place or location in the Alabama state, you are looking for.

Make use of this map to find a particular in Alabama state, area code 205.

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Hope that you will enjoy a lot while going through this article about area code 205 | Alabam or area code of Alabama. Here in this article, I had also mentioned some other useful information about area code 205 such as area code 205 time zone, time in Alabama, Area code 205 cities, list of Alabama cities along with Alabama Map. 

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