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Area Code 204 | Manitoba Cities , Facts, Time Zone & Map

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Area Code 204

Hi Dude… Today I am here with little information about area code 204 or area code of Manitoba. I will also give you information about area code 204 | time zone, time in Manitoba, area code 204 location, area code 204 map, Manitoba USA Map, etc in this article.

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In addition to area code 201, area code 202, and area code 203, the area code 204 is also one of those 86 area code which was created by AT & T and was effectively implemented on January 1, 1947, with the bell system of US. 


Initially, this area code is created and was serving to the complete Manitoba state. But, area code 431 was generated in the year of 2012 to overlay to this area code to avoid the difficulties in communication and to give a better way of communication to the peoples. On present day, this area code is serving to the complete Manitoba state overlapping the coverage area of area code 431.

Where is the 204 Area Code Located?

The Area Code 204 or 204 Area Code is located in the ND state of US. And is also one of the 269 three-digit telephone area codes of the USA which roughly covers 0 unique phone numbers and around more than 3.44 thousand individuals…

area code 204 map

Area Code 204 | Time Zone | Time In Manitoba

The area code 204 or 204 are code is falling under the CST that is under Central Standard Time zone.

Manitoba Wiki & Facts

Manitoba is located in the longitudinal core of Canada. The estimated population of Manitoba is about 1.282 million on 1 Jul 2014. Manitoba is the third prairie territory along with Saskatchewan and Alberta. It covers about 649,950 sq. km with the widely varying scenarios. The capital of Manitoba is located in Winnipeg. The population of Winnipeg is 709,253 (till 2014).

The Manitoba territory is bordered by the Ontario border on the east whereas by the Saskatchewan border on the west. It is bordered by Nunavut on the northern end and by Minnesota and North Dakota; the state of US.

Manitoba | Quick facts

Here below are some quick facts about the State Manitoba or of area code 204.

  • Capital City: Winnipeg
  • Population: 1.2 million
  • Area: 649, 947 sq. km
  • Climate: 4 distinct seasons; cold & dry winter; hot & dry summer; moderate & cool spring and fall.
  • Terrain: Canadian Shield lakes, Prairie grasslands in the south-west, forest in the eastern north, arctic tundra in the far north end.
  • Natural Resources: Plentiful freshwater rivers and lakes, hydroelectricity, excellent amount of base metals gold, oil, fishing, forestry, etc.
  • Major Agricultural Commodities: Wheat, hogs, oats, canola, dairy products, barley, poultry, eggs, flaxseed.

Manitoba | Cities

Manitoba cities

The following is a list of all the major cities of area code 204 or Manitoba with their time Zone.

City Time Zone City Time Zone
Renton Central Sardis Central
Bowie Central Jacksonville Central
Plano Central Honolulu Central
Middleburg Central Orange Park Central
Bridgeport Central Denver Central
Benwood Central Bluefield Central
Williamson Central West Liberty Central
Brandon Central Dauphin Central
Flin Flon Central Portage la Prairie Central
Selkirk Central Steinbach Central
Thompson Central Winkler Central

Manitoba | Map

The following is the map of Manitoba state so that you can locate any place or location in the Manitoba state.

Make use of this map & find any particular one, you are looking for.

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