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Area Code 202 | Washington, D.C


On January 1, 1947, this area code 202 is issued to the US capital district, the District of Columbia by the AT & T in North American Numbering Plan(NANP). This code serves the entire District of Columbia which also covers the city of Washington, DC. Mainly, this code is used for all type of services like fax, telephone (landline & STD), cell phone, mailing letters, etc to the Columbia District. The estimated Washington, DC population, 2016/2017 is 681,170 (2016) as per US census bureau data.

What is Area code for Washington? After the Jersey City | New Jersey (area code 201), District of Columbia is the 2nd Numbering Plan Area (NPA) which included the whole administrative sector.

What is the 202 area code time zone? This, 202 area code falls under the Eastern time zone, same time zone as the  New York has.

Washington, DC | District of Columbia State

What is Washington, DC full form? The Abbreviation DC is used for District of Columbia State & Washington is the capital of that district of Columbia, hence is called Washington, DC in short. And, Washington, DC is the Capital of US.

Washington dc

The USA Capital, Washington, DC is located on the Potomac River, & adjoining the Virginia and Maryland state. It also includes the 3 branches of federal government; White House, Supreme Court & the Capitol. It covers up about 177 km² area of US. The estimated Washington, DC population, 2016/2017 is 681,170 (2016) as per US census bureau data.

Area Code 202 | Cities

City Population State Time Zone
Washington 681,170 District of Columbia ESTERN

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Washington, DC | Map

Guys! Want to locate any place in the Area Code 202, Washington, DC. Then, below is a map of Washington DC for your comfort. Make use of it & find any particular, you want.


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